Our national organization, the Autism Society of America, has been supporting people living with autism for almost 50 years. There’s a lot of great information on the national website that’s worth checking out:


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Autism Society of America’s “Day on the Hill” (2/22/2017) - We sent our Administrative Coordinator, Jacquie Benestante, to the Autism Society of America’s “Day on the Hill” Advocacy Conference last week from February 15-17th in Washington D.C. Autism Society affiliates from all over the country were educated on a number of legislative issues affecting adults and children with autism and their families. The Autism Society of America […]
Kevin & Avonte’s Law Update: Call our US Senators! (12/8/2016) - Please help Autism Society of America & other advocates get this passed! After some slightly altered language, the US House passed Kevin & Avonte’s Law, but it is now going back to the US Senate! Please call our two US Senators and let them know you support Kevin & Avonte’s Law, HR 4919, which provides […]
Support Kevin & Avonte’s Law (H.R. 4919): Wandering & Elopement (11/30/2016) -   Please help us support Kevin & Avonte’s Law today, 11/30/16! Kevin and Avonte’s Law (H.R. 4919) will help safeguard children with autism or other developmental disabilities from wandering. We need your help! Please contact five members of the Judiciary Committee from Texas (listed below) who are opposing Kevin and Avonte’s Law. The best way to […]
Ann Hart Named 2015 National Volunteer of the Year (6/14/2015) - Autism Society of Central Texas Board Member wins 2015 National Volunteer of the Year Award Austin, TX June 14, 2015; We are pleased to announce that Ann Hart, Past President, Board Member and Information and Referral volunteer, has been selected to receive the National 2015 Autism Society Volunteer of the Year award. This prestigious award […]
Study Finds Brains With Autism Have Too Many Synapses (8/23/2014) - Thanks to the New York Times for another article on autism.  This one describes a brain study at Columbia University that may lead to new treatments. From the article: As a baby’s brain develops, there is an explosion of synapses, the connections that allow neurons to send and receive signals. But during childhood and […]
The Kids Who Beat Autism (8/14/2014) - This article from the New York Times Sunday Magazine is long but worth reading all the way through because it is thorough and balanced. I found this quote especially refreshing in its honesty: “I’ve been studying autistic kids for 40 years,” [clinical neuropsychologist Deborah] Fein says, “and I’m pretty good at what I do. But […]
Autism Prevalence Rates Increase According to CDC, Autism Society Responds (3/27/2014) - Bethesda, MD (March 27, 2014) – Today, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announce new autism prevalence rates. According to the CDC report, the prevalence rate for autism is now 1 in 68, which is an increase of over 30% from the 2008 CDC report. “The Autism Society continues to be concerned with […]
Joint Statement of ASA and ASAN on DSM-5 and Autism (2/20/2014) - As two national organizations committed to working to empower the autism and Autistic communities today and into the future, the Autism Society of America and the Autistic Self Advocacy Network issue the following joint statement regarding the definition of Autism Spectrum Disorder within the DSM-5. The autism spectrum is broad and diverse, including individuals with […]