Adult Social Skills and Support Group

November 28, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
American Legion Home
404 Atlanta St
Austin, TX 78703
Adult Social Skills and Support Group @ American Legion Home | Austin | Texas | United States

The Autism Society social group is now being coordinated by Bloom Consulting! We are very excited to see everyone and hope you guys enjoy the guest speaker that we have invited.

Heidi Lersch from The Safe Alliance, Austin!

Heidi will be arriving at 6pm to cover:
Healthy Relationships — Personal boundaries; understanding emotions; assertive vs. aggressive communication; what defines a relationship; choosing relationships
Personal Safety — Safety planning; unsafe relationships; what constitutes abuse; how to get help; helpful bystander intervention
Cyber Safety — Public vs. private settings; online relationships

We will also have BBQ for dinner!

We hope the participants enjoy this topic and presenter. Based on feedback we have received participants these are topics of interest. If any of the participants or THRIVE parents have suggestions for future social groups we would love to hear them.

A  note for parents/caregivers: The Thrive Parent Group is meeting at the same time & location! Everyone welcome, even if you do not have a loved one with autism attending the adult autism group.