Digital Photography for Children with a Wide Range of Special Needs – Grades K-5 at Joshua’s Stage

May 7, 2017 @ 3:00 pm – June 11, 2017 @ 4:30 pm
Capitol School of Austin
2011 W Koenig Ln
TX 78756
Joshua Levy

Your child will show you how they see the world around them through digital photography. During the session your child will learn, have fun, and engage in various aspects of photography such as: bird’s-eye view and worm’s-eye view, perspectives, light and dark, capturing people in motion, texture, portraits, and more. Your child’s photographs will be printed each week so that they can see their art. At the end of the session your child will display his/her photographs in a proud exhibit for family and friends. Your child will have the opportunity to: demonstrate creativity; develop self-confidence during each class; maintain high self-esteem, and form long-lasting relationships with peers with similar needs and caring, qualified teachers. So that each child’s talents and abilities can be maximized, the class size will be no more than 6 students, and at least 4 students are needed for our class to make.

Tuition assistance may be available, please contact Joshua Levy, Executive Director, at, or

“She was able to be more expressive. At home, more creative. Always looking forward to seeing friends. The teacher and the classroom assistants displayed tremendous amount of patience and kindness to the kids. We shall try theatre next semester.” – Parent of a student from a digital photography session