My Autism is a Super Power: Free Lecture by Joe Carr

September 28, 2016 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Autism Society of Central Texas Board Room
4902 Grover Ave
Austin, TX 78756
Joe Carr
My Autism is a Super Power
A Free Lecture by Joe Carr
Weds Sep 28, 7pm
Autism Society of Central Texas Board Room
4902 Grover Ave. Austin, TX, 78756
I am an Aspie. I have an amazing girlfriend, a community of wonderful friends, a successful independent business, and a powerful mission to change the world.

But it wasn’t always this way. Growing up undiagnosed, I was considered weird, obnoxious, annoying and disruptive. I was extremely smart and talented, but excluded, bullied, and punished by kids and adults everywhere I went.

I discovered the most important lesson of my life at age 12: that I could change myself for the better. A popular girl decided to take me under her wing and teach me how to “be cool”. I learned how to take and implement feedback from others and become more of the person I wanted to be.

That set me on a personal growth journey through all kinds of therapies, mindfulness practices, healing modalities, experiential weekends, and spiritual awakenings. It was never easy, and I continue to work at it every day, but I have truly created a life many people only dream of.

I have fully accepted my autism as a gift, not a burden. I use my extreme sensitivity to deepen my romantic partnership and friendships. I use my fast mind to succeed in business. I use my creative gifts to improve the world and change people’s lives.

I have been teaching and coaching for eight years, and I am passionate about changing the way society views people with autism, and even more importantly, how we view ourselves.

Come hear my story, and discover what role you can play in making this change.

Joe Carr is the founder of, uniting Aspies to access the gifts of their autism. He is trained in body-centered coaching, Nonviolent Communication, Dialectical Behavioral Therepy, mindfulness practice in the tradition of Thich Naht Hanh, and has over 1000 hours experience facilitating groups and workshops. He loves to help others create a positive relationship with their Autism, walk someone through a new diagnosis, and help educate friends and family. Learn more about him and his work at Or contact him, joe.p.carr@gmail.com512-438-9597