Once in a Blue Moon: Special Needs Prom

May 31, 2014 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Bethany United Methodist Church
Lisa Helt
Once in a Blue Moon: Special Needs Prom @ Bethany United Methodist Church
Special Needs Prom is at Bethany United Methodist Church on Saturday, May 31. This is the Saturday AFTER memorial Day. It will be very similar to last year – mostly high school and above (this includes adults that are out of school!) Of course no dates required 🙂  Lots of dancing and food – including GF/CF food. Anyone can feel free to print the flyer out and hand out to anyone they may know.
It is a little loud there since there is a live DJ and music, so anyone wanting to bring headphones are totally welcome! We will have a “chill” room again with stimmy toys that is out of the loudest area. We are expecting about 75 -100 people with disabilities this year.
Everyone is invited, dress is how ever you feel comfortable – last year most people dressed up, but not necessary at all!
If anyone has questions they can call or text Lisa at 512-590-1806.