Reaching Our Most At-Risk Kids

June 29, 2017 @ 12:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Hotel Indgo Alamo
105 North Alamo St
San Antonio
TX 78205
Rodgers Speaks!
(210) 651-2026

This training will take place at the historic Hotel Indigo Alamo in downtown San Antonio, TX. Mills Rodgers of Rodgers Speaks will be presenting the following topics:

A Personal & Professional Perspective on Special Education from a Parent/Educator (2 hours)

Children with special needs is a topic that is near and dear to me personally and professionally. My 19 year old daughter, India, has autism. Professionally, I have over a decade of experience as an educator in special education and working with at risk students. I have been inspired to share my deeply personal and professional experiences to improve how schools address students with special needs and their families.

This training has the potential to positively impact your school’s ability to address the needs of special education students and families. Strengthening parent/teacher relationships and increasing knowledge of special education philosophy can ultimately increase student achievement. This portion of the training will cover the following:

The special needs parent’s perspective:

-My own personal story as a parent

-Understanding the challenges special needs parent face.

-Empathizing with the concerns of the families.

Educator’s perspective:

– Addressing misconceptions in regards to learning ability.

– Understanding how the needs of students are addressed (IEP)

– Strategies

The Well Managed Classroom (2 hours)

The cold, hard truth is a teacher can have the most creative, engaging lessons, but it’s all for naught students behave in a chaotic manner. Improving classroom management is one of the most direct, impactful ways of improving instruction.

This training focuses on an interactive professional development using a holistic approach to classroom management. Classroom management does not need to be grounded in intimidation or an overabundance of rules. You will be presented skills and strategies which can likely lead to the following outcomes:

· Increased student achievement

· Decreased teacher burnout thus higher retention

· Decrease in discipline referrals

· Improved school culture and morale

Participants will be provided with a certificate at the conclusion of training for 4 hours of professional development related to special education and classroom management.