Sensory Friendly Play at UT: The Rainbow Connection

April 17, 2015 @ 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Anna Hiss Gymnasium (Speedway and W Dean Keaton)
The University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX 78712
Deb Alexander

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Sensory Friendly Play at UT
Hello there friends in the special needs community,
I had the honor and privilege to teach a “curriculum and design” course for future theatre arts student teachers at the University of Texas at Austin this past fall.  One thing that I stressed was how important the arts are to our kids and how many times this is the ONLY time there is inclusion happening for our children.  I introduced them to the concept of the “sensitive child” and “sensory-friendly performances”.  As a result, one of my former students Martin Rodriguez has taken this to heart with his piece “The Rainbow Connection” at the Cohen New Works Festival.
They will have a special sensory-friendly performance on Friday – April 17th @ 5:30 pm.  Reservations can be made through e-mailing me directly or Martin Rodriguez.  We are reserving 80 seats for our kids.  I would really love to open up the university to our communities and the arts.
Please let the special needs communities you work with know about this event and pass the flyer out below.  If you can post the poster in your waiting rooms and let families know, I’d greatly appreciate it.
Feel free to pass anyone my way if they have any questions regarding the performance.
Thank you for dedication to providing the very best for our children!
Deb Alexander  (aka Evan’s Mom)