Social Thinking Conference with Michelle Garcia Winner

March 25, 2015 @ 7:30 am – March 27, 2015 @ 4:00 pm
Norris Conference Center
2525 West Anderson Lane
Northcross Mall, Austin, TX 78757
408-557-8595 or 877-464-9278

A note from Michelle:

It’s that time of year again when the more relaxed pace of summer gives ways to mild frenzy and anxious excitement as kids (and parents) look forward to the start of a new school year. Here at Social Thinking we’ve been spending the summer months crystalizing a lot of thinking and planning into new products for you!

We are enthusiastic about the growing interest in Social Thinking and how it relates to so many aspects of our daily experiences. One of our goals this year is to share information we and others have been developing related to how Social Thinking can be used more broadly within the mainstream classroom and across the entire school as part of PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports), RTI (response to intervention), and SEL (social and emotional learning) curricula.

Both at our conferences and through our San Jose office, we field a lot of questions from administrators, teachers, parents, and even students. Pam Crooke and I continue to see our own clients as well. Based on our own clinical/treatment experiences and feedback from others, we learn of and develop new methodologies and new strategies about Social Thinking. We share this new thought and evolved instruction first through our conferences, but also in blogs and articles posted on our website. It takes a bit of time for us to synthesize this new thought into published products.

Three new conference days are being readied for the upcoming Fall and Spring seasons based on the topics you’ve encouraged us to address.

  1. A Superflex® day! How to teach all elementary-school children the power of Social Thinking through our core teaching tools: You are a Social Detective! and the Superflex curriculum.
  2. Advanced concepts for early learners. Piggybacking on the popular early learner day (and curriculum) we introduced in 2013, this year we will teach you how to delve into more advanced Social Thinking concepts with kids ages 4-7: expected/unexpected behavior, flexible thinking, sharing an imagination, and more. We’ll explore together how to observe and teach toward SCIP (shared, collaborative, imaginative play). An exciting new development is the GPS assessment scale we’ll be unveiling to help you determine your early learner’s play and thinking starting point and match your teaching and activities to it!
  3. “Blurred Lines: Social Thinking and hot topics” will bring you new thought and new information about:
    • ABA versus Social Thinking: When, why, and who to use these with
    • What not to do when working with resistant/argumentative/PDA (pathological demand avoidance) students
    • Concrete lessons to deal with the abstractions of emerging sexuality-we’ll explore how to explain and teach concepts related to touching, flirting, dating, and more

This year I, the keynote speaker at each of our conferences, will be joined by members of the Social Thinking Training & Speakers’ Collaborative in sharing this cutting edge information with you. Our Collaborative members bring fresh insights, years of clinical practice, and expanded thinking about Social Thinking to our audiences. We will travel to 17 locations across the U.S. to present 44 training days this school year.

Visit our website for a full listing of Social Thinking Conferences.

My best,

Michelle Garcia Winner