South Austin Support Meeting: October 2020

October 14, 2020 @ 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Zoom or Phone
Lynn Cowles
South Austin Support Meeting: October 2020 @ Zoom or Phone

There’s no manual or one-size-fits-all way to help family members and friends with special needs navigate schools, doctors, organizations, the future, and everything else.
The South Austin Support Meeting is a place for parents, family members, friends, and community members of folks with IDD to come together; share stories, successes, challenges, and questions; and build community.

Meeting attendees don’t have to prepare anything at all. Topics can include communication, school, family interactions, therapies, insurance, jobs, and other things. The conversation goes along depending on the interests and needs of meeting guests.
Come get connected with your supportive community!

Due to COVID-19, the October 14, 2020 meeting will take place online and over the phone.
For instructions, contact the group’s facilitator, Lynn Cowles at (five-one-two) 522-3220 or cowles5966 (at)

See y’all soon!