Special Needs Surf Day

October 20, 2018 all-day
NLand Surf Park
4836 E. Highway 71
Del Valle
Texas 78617
$50 for a one-hour session
Shelly Corrigan

What can a day of surfing do for your child? Surfing can:
• Improve physical health and physical mobility
• Build self-confidence, self-esteem and personal empowerment
• Improve social skills
• Improve overall well-being
• Become an activity they can continue to pursue here in Texas
• Give your child an incredible experience on the water

Every child will surf with an experienced surf instructor. They will be on the surfboard together at all times (tandem). Safety is our highest priority and all participants will wear life jackets and be with an experienced instructor at all times. The ability to swim is not necessary.

Everyone during the day will find their own success. Success is found whether the participant stands, kneels or even lays on the board during the session. A great day on the water having fun is a big goal of the program.
Please e-mail or text to sign up or ask questions.