Thrive Parent Group – Success over Stress for Caregivers

February 26, 2020 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
American Legion Home
404 Atlanta St
Austin, TX 78703
Suzyn Skaggs


Let’s talk about – You! You are important and you matter- How can we take care of YOU this year!!!

Patricia Ronzio,  an International Health and Wellness consultant, author, speaker, and life coach will be joining us. This is her second time working with us. She is great!  We all need to power down some and remember to think about ourselves.

Success over Stress for Caregivers

When you are caring for others it can be challenging to follow through with your own healthy lifestyle goals. Juggling multiple responsibilities, you may get caught in a “stress cycle” and feel like there’s simply little time for yourself and your self-care.

This session provides:

  • A springboard to focus on yourself and your self-care goals – come back to you
  • Learn a holistic approach to successfully manage the noise, stress and find calm
  • Learn follow through tips around the self-care goals so that you can accomplish what is important to you


Patricia Ronzio, M.Ed., CHES, is an international wellness consultant, life coach, speaker, author and owner of New Paradigm Coaching.

When you have trouble following through with healthy lifestyle goals, chronic stress is the likely culprit (not willpower!). When juggling all your demands, you may get caught in the stress cycle. This workshop goes beyond traditional stress management and provides a springboard to personal freedom. Discover how to use the Stress Less Blossom, to generate new, healthy choices in the face of chronic stress. Come and be empowered move beyond stress-driven habits and stuck patterns, so you Live More.



Charles Johnson House

404 Atlanta Street

Austin, TX 78703

Time: 6:30-8:30pm

New Parents and advocates are welcome 

Bring your Young adults (18+). They meet at the same time in another room with social activities and fun coordinated by Central TX Autism Society, Jordan Fogle. All special needs adults are welcome.

As a community, we can accomplish more.

Suzyn Skaggs Barrientos

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