Virtual ASD Cool Kids Club: Show and Tell Group


Hey families! Your kiddos ages 8-14 are invited to the first ever Cool Kids Club Show & Tell! Cultivate Behavioral Health & Education alongside Autism Society of Texas will be hosting this virtual ASD hangout May 20 at 3:30 pm on Zoom!

The Cool Kids Club is all about making friends and showing off how awesome we are! We know this season of quarantine can be difficult for kiddos to make new friends, so we wanted to create a safe place to practice!

RSVP required! Please RSVP here.

Show and Tell Structure:
– Tell us your name
– Tell us about your Show & Tell
– Facilitators and/or the hosting BCBA can ask probing questions if needed
– Q&A time for other kiddos to ask about your Show & Tell!

This is a themed Show & Tell, and the theme is Castles! Each kid will present something having to do with castles. It can be anything from a Lego castle you built, a castle picture, castle clothing, video games with castles, castles made from food, blocks, or recycled materials! The opportunities are endless, let’s get creative! We are so excited to see what you show us!

Parent Prep:
– Prepare your child for the amount of time they’ll get to talk during the meeting. We will have a timer shown so kiddos have a visual to go off of.
– Make sure your child’s Show & Tell is ready / technology is set up for the meeting.
– If necessary, have a conversation with your child about appropriate language to use when commenting on other children’s Show & Tell and when presenting on their own.
– Please go over the group rules with your child before the meeting.
– Please make sure that all, if any, of your child’s AAC/communication devices or tools are accessible during group.

– Don’t talk when another friend is talking.
– If you can’t say something nice, don’t say it.
– The timer will tell you how much time you have to talk. When the timer goes off, it is someone else’s turn to talk.
– One of the grown-ups will let you know when it’s your turn for Show & Tell.

Okay, kiddos! You have from now until May 20 at 3:30 pm to choose and prepare your Show & Tell! We can’t wait to hear all about it!