Waco Autistic/Aspie Adult Support Group (Now on Zoom)

January 26, 2020 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Kenneth Davis
Waco Autistic/Aspie Adult Support Group (Now on Zoom) @ Zoom!

Please email Kenny to get the Zoom information for the Waco area online support group!  Thank you!

Kenny: kennymc22@yahoo.com

The information below refers to the in-person group, which will resume when it is safe to do so! For now, we will meet on Zoom! Thank you!



Downstairs conference room – Waco Central Library. If you can’t find us, please ask at the library kiosk!

About the group:

Waco for a long time has needed and wanted a place where us adults on the autism spectrum could meet up and connect with others. This group will be peer lead and all adults 18 & up are welcome, diagnosed or undiagnosed. We will be meeting every 4th Sunday at the Waco Central Library, 1717 Austin Ave Waco TX, in the private conference room (downstairs) between 2-4pm. This is a fairly large room with a solid door and a small glass view in it. This group is sponsored by the Autism Society of Texas.

This is to be a place of positivity and for all points of view. We want this to be a safe place for all who can identify, and a place where our identities will be safe too. 

We have a Facebook Page! If you are on Facebook, please join our Facebook Group: Autistic Adult Support Group Waco
If you are 18 or older please visit our Facebook page for more details.
Please read! Important group information!
This group is strictly for adults, 18 and up only. (Please do not bring children). If an autistic individual prefers or needs someone to attend with them (caregiver/friend/loved one), we ask that the person support the autistic individual as needed, but not participate in the group unless it’s to facilitate communication or any other required assistance. This group is intended for autistic people to share and support each other. Thank you!
*If you are a parent/caregiver looking for a support group for yourself, please contact Jacquie- jacquie@texasautismsociety.org .* Thank you!