Advocacy Alert: Get HB 5274 Passed Out of Committee!

House Bill 5274 will be heard in the House Committee on Human Services Tues. April 25th at 8 AM. 


The credentialing process to get therapists approved to provide a Medicaid benefit under a managed care organization (MCO) can take an excessive amount of time, sometimes many months to over a year.  This can lead to having a shortage of therapists to provide therapy to children and teens, creating waitlists for some therapies which causes families of children on Medicaid to have to wait many months or worse to begin therapy.

Bill:  HB 5274  Rep. John Bucy                                                  

Would allow “expedited credentialing” for Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) which allows qualified therapy providers to serve Medicaid recipients on a provisional basis while their credentialing application is pending. Read more about the bill here

Specific Action Needed:

Ask the House Committee on Human Services: “Please vote in favor of HB 5274! Allow expedited credentialing so children and teens with Medicaid don’t have to experience long wait times to begin therapy.”

Who to Call/Email:

Representatives on the House Human Services Committee
First Name Last Name   Phone Email
James Frank Chair (512) 463-0534
Toni Rose Vice Chair (512) 463-0664
Noelle Collins Committee Clerk (512) 463-0786
Elizabeth “Liz” Campos   (512) 463-0452
Lacey Hull   (512) 463-0727
Stephanie Klick   (512) 463-0599
Christian Manuel   (512) 463-0662
Candy Noble   (512) 463-0186
Ana-Maria Ramos   (512) 463-0454
Matt Shaheen   (512) 463-0594

Let us know if you were successful or if AST Advocacy staff need to do any follow-ups at 512-479-4199 Ext. 4 or