Advocacy Position Statements

Autism Society of Texas: Position Statements


Advocate for safety initiatives, legal protections, safeguards and transparency for students with disabilities and their parents and caregivers. Ensure initiatives such as charter schools, vouchers, and individual savings accounts do not adversely affect public schools or access to a free and appropriate public education for students with disabilities. Support adequate funding for public schools. Advocate for appropriate behavioral supports and work to end unjust suspensions and discipline. Support reduced emphasis on state-mandated assessments, encourage limits on benchmark testing, and advocate for continuation of Individual Graduation Committees.

Community Living & Housing

Expansion of housing and community living options, as well as long-term supports. Gradual closure of State Supported Living Centers (SSLCs) so funding can be made available to expand community-based supports. Reduce the wait time for all Medicaid waiver interest lists. Increase the minimum Attendant Wage Rate (HHSC) to improve recruitment and retention of personal attendants for individuals with disabilities.

Health Care & Access To Treatment

Expand access to high quality, comprehensive, accessible and affordable health care services for all persons with Autism. Implement the Medicaid State Plan to cover Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Increase funding for the HHSC Children’s Autism Program. Properly fund ECI to ensure that all children in Texas who are eligible for services receive them.


Support initiatives that would increase the overall employment rate for people with Autism. Presume that they are all capable of competitive employment, community service, volunteerism or appropriate day activities. Promote creation of programs to build capacity for providing employment to every person who desires it.

Human Rights

Work to protect the inalienable human and civil rights of people with Autism to live freely and safely. Actively strive to abolish stigmatization, abuse and neglect by supporting relevant policies and legislation. Advocate to develop and strengthen anti-bullying and anti-cyberbullying legislation and policies. Require training for all first responders on interacting with individuals with Autism.

Family Caregiving

Seek increased access and funding for respite care. Improve childcare training, funding, and options for children with disabilities. Require Autism training for all licensed childcare providers.

Autism Society of America: National Position Statements

We are an active part of setting the public policy priorities with the Autism Society of America. Please subscribe to their advocacy newsletter Ignite4Autism here and check the Autism Society of America’s Public Policy Page for national legislative issues.