Autistic Adult Advisory Panel

The Autistic Adult Advisory Panel (AAAP)

This panel shares insights into the neurodivergent point of view to aid the Autism Society of Texas in their endeavor to best serve the autistic community. The group is led by chairperson, Joe Carr. The AAP meets quarterly.

Joe Carr, Autistic Adult Advisory Panel Chair

Joe is an Autistic community builder and entrepreneur. Misdiagnosed as a child, he had a rough time both socially and physically. When he finally discovered he was autistic at age 23, he realized that his challenges with understanding social cues, impulse control, and anxiety were the flip side of his amazing gifts in the performing arts, thinking outside the box, and fast mind. Forced to learn social skills from scratch, he discovered early on that he could seek out feedback, and change himself for the better, setting him on a lifelong path of personal growth. This led him to become a life coach working with other autistic people and their families, and founding the website, dedicated to helping people harness the gifts of their autism. He also cofounded and runs Serenity Kids Baby Food with his wife Serenity, created for their little girl Della so she (and all children) could have healthy nutrient dense foods from the start. He serves on the Advisory Board for Autism Hope Alliance, and was a founding member (and now chair) of the Autistic Adult Advisory Panel at the Autism Society of Texas.

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Do you want to get an opinion or guidance from adults on the spectrum? Ask the Autistic Adult Advisory Panel by submitting a question below! The panel meets every 3 months, and they will discuss your question at their meeting, which means it may take a few weeks to receive a response!

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