Support Autism Society of Texas – Become a Member or Renew

Whether you are a family with a child who is newly diagnosed, an adult who is on the spectrum or seeking diagnosis, an educator or professional who serves individuals with Autism, or a corporation that wants to support the Autism community, AST provides you with the resources and services you need to help accomplish your goals.

As a valued contributing member of the Autism Society of Texas (AST), you become our partner in empowering the lives of people on the Autism spectrum. Through your annual membership, you are connected to the Autism community through our newsletters and important updates about how you can stay involved. You’ll have the opportunity to engage in Autism legislation and advocacy, support initiatives in a variety of areas including community training about Autism, drowning prevention, programs and supports across the lifespan, and important civil rights issues. Most importantly, you’ll share in the satisfaction of empowering the lives of people with Autism.

Your membership will help to provide the necessary funds to sustain our free statewide Information and Referrals service for parents, caregivers, and autistic adults, train and assist our support group leaders, fund our programming, and advocate legislatively within our communities, at the state and federal level. You will be part of a community that nurtures potential, advances knowledge and opportunity, and builds awareness and acceptance. All memberships are annual, except for Lifetime Members.

AST recognizes the diversity of our community with a variety of levels, commitments, and member benefits.