Resources for Sensory-Friendly Healthcare

At the Autism Society of Texas, we are committed to creating connections and empowering everyone in the Autism community with the resources needed to live fully. 

As part of our mission, the Autism Society of Texas would like to share Sensory-Friendly resources and strategies that can be used in different settings like doctors appointments, dental visits, vaccine administrations, etc.  Addressing the sensory aspect can reduce the stress and behaviors that may be a barrier to healthcare.  Having calming strategies and an Autism-friendly team and environment can drastically improve outcomes for people with sensory sensitivity and sensory overload. 

We aim to promote healthcare education in order to increase knowledge, confidence, and access in the Autism community.  Thank you to the Aging And Disability Vaccination Collaborative via Autism Society of America for providing much of the funding for our Sensory-Friendly Healthcare resources.

Preparing your loved for a medical visit

Other resources for Caregivers and Professionals 

Preparando a su amado para una visita medica

Otros Recursos para cuidadores y Profesionistas


Autism-Friendly Vaccine Clinics invitation video


Autism-Friendly Vaccine Clinics unboxing supplies video