Online Groups

Connect with us by joining our regional facebook groups, following our pages, or join our online email group closest to where you live! Our groups are for parents, family members, and caregivers of children and adults diagnosed with Autism, as well as autistic adults. Students, therapists, and educators involved with ASD are also welcome. We also have in-person and online support groups here.

Statewide Facebook Pages

Autism Society of Texas

This is our statewide public page where advocacy alerts, events, and resources will be posted that are available to everyone throughout Texas!  Follow us here.

Autistic Adults in Texas

The Adults with Autism in Texas Facebook group is for adults with Autism living in Texas. We welcome those with a diagnosis as well as self-diagnosis. Please do not request to join this group if you are a parent or caregiver. Other than the moderators who are staff members at Autism Society of Texas, this page is for autistic individuals to share information and resources.  You can request to be added here.

Español: Grupo de Padres de la Sociedad de Autismo de Texas

Solicita unirte al grupo de Padres de la Sociedad de Autismo de Texas aquí.

Regional Facebook Pages & Groups

In some regions there is both a Facebook public page and a Facebook closed group. The public page has information that only Autism Society of Texas and moderators can post.  Anyone can “like” a public page. In contrast, for groups, you must request to join our closed regional groups by answering the questions on the regional group page. The aim of these groups is to share local information in a friendly, supportive environment. The groups allow for any member of the group to post within the group so members may seek support, ask a question, or share information with other members.


In the Austin-area we have an email group- the Central Texas io Group, (listed below), and also partner with the Austin Special Needs Facebook group.

Request to join our Greater Austin Area Facebook group here.

Request to join the Austin Special Needs Facebook group here.

Request to join our Central Texas email group here.

Dallas/Fort Worth

Request to join our Dallas/Fort Worth Facebook group here.

East Texas

Request to join our East Texas Facebook group here.

El Paso

There is one Facebook page for El Paso. To join please click “Friend Request” on the page here.


Request to join our Houston Facebook group here.


Request to join our Panhandle Facebook group here.


Request to join our Pflugerville Face book group here.

San Antonio

Visit our San Antonio Facebook public page here to follow & like!

Request to join our San Antonio Facebook group here.

South Texas

Request to join our South Texas Facebook group here.


There is one Facebook group for autistic adults in Waco. Please request to join the Waco group here.

West Texas

Request to join our West Texas Facebook group here.

Please note! On all of our online support pages and groups, no flaming or spam will be tolerated, and the moderators reserve the right to control individual postings as they see fit. The views of members on these pages and groups are not necessarily the views of the Autism Society of Texas.

If you would like to learn about new groups that will be starting, encounter a problem, or have a question about any of the above pages and groups, please contact Thank you!