Board of Directors Spotlight: Get To Know Board Treasurer Yolanda Ruiz-Leon Baker, MBA

photo of Yolanda What is your connection to Autism?

My teenage son is Autistic.
Why did you want to join the AST Board and how did you get involved?

I’ve been involved with AST as a special needs parent when Ann Hart was on the board. I’ve been active within the community for almost 15 years. So, when I was selected as a potential AST board nominee, I jumped on that opportunity!

What do you like most about serving on the AST Board?

I can now appreciate the amount of work done behind the scenes, especially the careful, deliberate, and accurate financial records of AST. I’m happy to assist with those records as the Treasurer.

As of this month, I’ve enrolled in the National Association of Corporate Directors certification program. I want to become the best board member I can be and I feel completion of this program will help me achieve that. I’m grateful and honored to help AST and the autism community.