Connections Created: November 2023 Recap

This November, we had a lot of opportunities to connect with our community.

We kicked off the month with Spark Learning’s Putt Fore Autism, which raised over $25K for AST and our community!! Thank you so much to Spark Learning for your continued support, you have made a HUGE impact on our work in the Texas Autism Society and we are so grateful!

We also had our Board Retreat where our staff and board met to discuss plans for the future on how we can best meet the needs of our community and expand our support. Thank you, Mara, for hosting us in your lovely home!

We also had our AUTonomy Virtual Zoom Panel, “Autism and Addiction”, where our panelists working in the field of addiction and recovery as well as with personal experiences with addiction discussed what’s important for Autistic people to know about addiction as well as guidance to maintain wellness.