COTA Limited Edition United States Grand Prix Poster Supports AST!

Starting October 22nd through 31st, when you donate $19 or more to AST at this special link you will receive a limited edition USGP 11” x17” print of a painting by Jack, a young artist on the spectrum who is passionate about Formula 1. This print is a special collaboration between Jack and Circuit of The Americas!

A message from Jack’s mom:

Jack is 14 years old and has autism spectrum disorder, selective mutism and epilepsy disorder.

During the pandemic he struggled to self-regulate with his emotions, so he started painting to express his feelings. Jack soon developed a love for Formula One, and he then started to create 3D models of the race cars using modelling paste. This began to open many doors for Jack to communicate with other artists.

In 2021 Jack was diagnosed with active epilepsy disorder. Though it’s his dream to attend a Formula One race, we know that this environment would not be ideal for us as a family as the crowds are big and there is lot of energy and excitement. His anxiety would be very high, and he would be prone to seizures and may wander away from his family.

The next best option for Jack then is to share his love for F1 by creating art. Painting pictures of cars and the drivers has helped Jack feel close to the sport, and when he closes his eyes he can imagine that he is at a race.

It makes us happy as a family to support other parents who have dreams for their children. So when Circuit of The Americas offered Jack the opportunity to paint a poster for the F1 United States Grand Prix – which is being sold to raise money to improve the lives of families affected by autism – he of course he said “YES!”

In the words of Jack: “I like to show I care, and I do this through my paintings. Sharing is caring and I like to do that!”

Click here to donate now & receive your limited edition COTA poster by Jack!