Help Save Medicaid! Call our U.S. Senators!

Call our Texas U.S. Senators Now! 

The recently passed American Health Care Act (AHCA) places valuable resources for people with disabilities in serious jeopardy. According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO),  the AHCA:

  • Creates overwhelming reductions to Medicaid, slashing funding for programs people rely on to meet basic needs by an estimated $834 billion over the next decade

  • Yanks 23 million current enrollees from insurance plans by 2026 due to higher premiums and a fundamental restructuring of the Medicaid program to block grants and per capita caps

  • Shifts primary funding to states and forces officials to make difficult decisions regarding worthiness of care among multiple vulnerable populations

  • Makes essential health benefits such as rehabilitation services optional

  • Increases insurance coverage rates for people with pre-existing conditions, including those with disabilities, resulting in loss of care for families who simply can not afford high premiums

Medicaid is the primary lifeline that millions of Americans depend on to care for their loved one with a disability. The impact of any reduction in benefits could be truly devastating for many families, possibly even yours. WE can’t let that happen!

Call our Texas U.S. senators today and urge them to Save Medicaid.

Senator John Cornyn
Washington D.C. Office: 202-224-2934
Central Texas Office: 512-469-6034
Senator Ted Cruz
Washington D.C. Office: 202-224-5922
Central Texas Office:  512-916-5834

Here is what you can say:

  • Do NOT allow cuts to Medicaid. Caps and block grants would destroy the program in which people with disabilities and seniors rely on for critical health care and community services.  

  • Do NOT allow states to opt-out of requiring health plans to cover basic health care and keep it affordable for people with pre-existing conditions, including people with disabilities.

  • OPPOSE any bill that cuts health care, employment or long-term community living services for people with disabilities

What Else Can You Do?

Don’t forget this week is crucial because Congress is still on recess. Time is of essence to arrange a visit in the district office, organize a town hall meeting, attend an event, or create a listening tour. Senate leadership is convening several work groups to draft improvements to the House-approved version of the AHCA. We must take action now!  Access to health care benefits is an issue that affects us all. Call your senators today and urge them to Save Medicaid!

The next steps will be critical for disability advocates. Elected officials and policymakers continue to overlook the real world impact of cuts to Medicaid. That’s why we need you to raise your voice and share why families such as yours need to be heard on this crucial issue. Talk about what cuts to Medicaid mean for you and your loved ones. 

Together we can stand up for families and ensure each and every person can access care.


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