July Provider Highlight: Growing Roots

As promised, the Autism Society of Central Texas is starting a monthly provider highlight in which we ask a autism service provider in our network to write a short blurb about their organization to send out to our network!

We are very grateful that Growing Roots volunteered to be our first provider highlight!

Learn a little more about Growing Roots below:


When told that your child has a special need, your path as a parent is forever changed. You are now walking a road unplanned- that road is full of acronyms, providers, paperwork and often times feelings of confusion and loneliness. 

Growing Roots, an Austin-based nonprofit organization, knows that providing parents with brochures is simply not enough to empower families on this new journey.  Instead, we aim to build a community around them- while providing them with hands-on information, resources and support. Our programs are free of charge, include specialized childcare, are offered in Spanish and English during the day or at night!

 We offer a 7 session Autism Course (really understand diagnosis, your child’s strengths and needs, learn about resources, etc) an 8 session Special Education in the Schools Course (learn everything about the confusing school paperwork, meetings, parental rights, etc!). Courses are offered between September-June. Families also receive wraparound services all year round, such as Supportive Case Management , Monthly Support Groups for grief, partner and siblings relations, and caregiver self-care, and Family Fun Days, a unique opportunity for play for all abilities.

 “I feel I am not alone. I feel more connected to my community and understood. I have learned so much valuable information. I now have the support and knowledge to really participate in my child’s special education meetings and doctor visits, be prepared and advocate for my child. I have learned about so many resources available and gained lifelong friends.” Julia Martinez, 2015 Autism Program Graduate

512-850-8281. www.growingrootsaustin.com, info@growingrootsaustin.com