Kevin & Avonte’s Law Update: Call our US Senators!


Please help Autism Society of America & other advocates get this passed!

After some slightly altered language, the US House passed Kevin & Avonte’s Law, but it is now going back to the US Senate!

Please call our two US Senators and let them know you support Kevin & Avonte’s Law, HR 4919, which provides for safety protections & first responder training for individuals with autism, developmental disabilities, (and adults w/ Alzheimers), who are prone to wandering & elopement, (and, as we’ve all seen in the news, often subsequent drowning). Please call DC Office unless you will incur long distance charges. Thank you!

Senator John Cornyn
DC Office: (202) 224-2934
Central Texas Office: Main: (512) 469-6034

Senator Ted Cruz
DC Office: (202) 224-5922
Central Texas Office: (512) 916-5834

Suggested script:  “I am a constituent/Texas resident and I am calling to ask you to support H.R.4919, also known as Kevin and Avonte’s Law, to keep those with autism safe. This issue is very important to me and my family.” If you want to elaborate and tell them your own story about wandering/elopement, please personalize this.

You can read the entire bill here:[%22HR%204919%22]%7D&r=1

Thank you!