Last Call: Get these House Bills Passed!

Please act today, Tuesday 5/9/23 or Wednesday morning! This may be our last opportunity to get these bills to move!

Ask: Ask your Texas State Representative to support the following bills & vote “for” them. If you’ve been personally impacted by any of these issues below, please let them know how this affected your family or your loved one with Autism.

The following House Bill is up for a full House vote ASAP- possibly this Tuesday, May 9, 2023 (but could be Wednesday!), so please include it in your call/email:

HB 2234 – by Rep. Thompson (Cameras in the Classroom) – This bill is regarding policies and procedures for the placement and use of video cameras in certain classrooms, including classrooms that provide special education services. This bill adds language about accessing and releasing the video to the parents for viewing, or having school provide written notification regarding non-release of the video. 

Read more about the bill here.

The following House Bills are up for a full House vote this Wednesday, May 10, 2023.

HB 4506 by Rep. Bucy (Autism Insurance Equity) – Health benefit plan coverage for treatment of autism. This bill updates the Autism insurance mandate to remove a required diagnosis before the age 10, and removes the $36,000 cap on therapy benefits to align with Federal Mental Health Parity regulation and Texas Mental Health Parity laws. 

Read more about the bill here.

HB 773 by Dr. Allen (Prevent schools from requesting Early Pickups by parents) – This bill prohibits the practice of school districts or open-enrollment charter schools calling parents and caregivers to pick up a child due to behavioral issues or for disciplinary reasons.

Read more about the bill here.

HB 211 by Mary Gonzalez (Inclusive Child Care) – This bill promotes inclusive practices in a child-care facility or registered family home so that children with special needs are integrated into the general activities of the facility or home.  

Read more about the bill here.

Who to Call/Email:

Find your Texas State Representative here (we are not contacting U.S./Federal Representatives)

Email– If you’d like to email your Representative, please copy and paste the text below & feel free to add your own story or experience. 


Dear Representative___________,

I am in your district, and Autism issues are important to my family, therefore, I ask that you support the following bills and vote “for” them:

HB 2234 – Cameras in the Classroom: Improves parent access to video footage

HB 4506 – Autism Insurance Equity: Removes the $36K cap on benefits & removes a required diagnosis by age 10 to align with federal & state mental health parity laws

HB 773 – Ends Early Pickups: Prevents schools from requesting parents to pick their child up early due to behavior or disciplinary reasons 

HB 211 – Inclusive Child Care: Promotes inclusive practices in child-care facilities so children with disabilities are integrated and included

Thank You,

Your Name_______

For more information you can contact the Autism Society of Texas at or 512-479-4199, Ext. 4


Thank you! If you complete the alert,  please let us know by contacting or calling us at 512-479-4199, ext. 4.