Support Kevin & Avonte’s Law (H.R. 4919): Wandering & Elopement



Please help us support Kevin & Avonte’s Law today, 11/30/16!

Kevin and Avonte’s Law (H.R. 4919) will help safeguard children with autism or other developmental disabilities from wandering.
We need your help! Please contact five members of the Judiciary Committee from Texas (listed below) who are opposing Kevin and Avonte’s Law.
The best way to reach these members today is by calling their offices. Some representatives only take emails from their district, so please make a quick phone call to either their DC or Texas office today. If you can’t make a phone call, please email and/or post & tag them on social media. Please respectfully ask for their support of HR 4919.

Email examples to cut & paste. Please add personal information if you are comfortable sharing it.

Hello, My name is Your Name and I have a 6 year old on the autism spectrum. I am writing today to ask for your support of Kevin and Avonte’s Law, or H.R. 4919. This legislation is important to me, and for everyone with a child or loved one with autism, and I hope to see it pass before session expires this year. Thank you for your time.


“Hello, My name is Your Name and I have a 6 year old on the autism spectrum. This legislation is really important to me. (Add your personal story if you have one. Example: My son wandered from our house in September and we searched for 2 hours until we found him……..). For my own family and everyone with a loved one with autism, I hope to see this legislation pass before the session expires this year. Thank you for your time.

You can also use the above email samples when you call. 

Please contact the following 5 members of the Judiciary Committee who are in opposition to Kevin & Avonte’s Law (H.R. 4919): 

Congressman Ted Poe, TX-02
Email: (please cut and paste the message above into the message box on the form!)
DC Office: (202) 225-6565
Kingwood, TX office: (281) 446-0242

Rep. Louie Gohmert, TX-01
DC Office: (202) 225-3035
Rep. Gohmert only takes emails from his District, which include these TX counties:
Angelina, Gregg, Harrison, Nacogdoches, Panola, Rusk, Sabine, San Augustine, Shelby, Smith, Upshur, Wood County

Rep. Blake Farenthold, TX-27
DC Office: (202) 225-7742
Corpus Christi Office:(361) 884-2222
Email: *You can email Rep. Farenthold even if you are out of his District, you just may not get a response. Please email anyway! Thanks!

Congressman Lamar Smith
DC Office: 202-225-4236
San Antonio Office: 210-821-5024


Rep. John Ratcliffe, TX-04
DC Office: 202-225-6673
Email (you must enter your zip to verify residency in the district)

Thank you. This legislation has the potential to save lives! We appreciate your time!