Supporter Spotlight: Ann Hart

One of Autism Society of Texas’ (AST) biggest long term supporters is Ann Hart. From facilitating AST’s monthly Austin Parent & Caregiver Support Group to taking on the role of Board President, Ann is thoroughly woven into the fabric of the Autism Society of Texas.

The Hart Family ( Dave, Ann, John, Michael, and Elizabeth) is a 2020 Star Sponsor of AutFest Texas, AST’s annual film festival that showcases films by autistic filmmakers as well as films that grapple with issues facing the Autism Community. We sat down to ask Ann a couple of quick questions about her continued support of AST. 

Q: Why do you support AutFest TX?
A: We love movies, TV, and the Autism Society of Texas!  What we’ve seen over the past few film festivals is that movies can show people who don’t live with autism what life with autism is like in an accessible, compelling way.  And for those of us who do live with autism, watching movies together can be an affirming community experience.

Q: What was your favorite AutFest film from past years?
A: “Swim Team” 

Q: As you know our virtual film fest, AutFest At Home, is fast approaching on April 30th. What does your AutFest At Home setup look like? 
A: Three of us (Dave, Ann, and Elizabeth) will watch at home on the TV.  Dave will figure out how to connect everything so that we can watch on a bigger screen and Elizabeth will bake a yummy dessert for the occasion.  We’ll dress VERY casually for at-home viewing but will plan to dress up for the Reel Deal in the fall.

Q: Why is the Autism Society of Texas (AST) important to you personally and to the community? 
A: We have met our best autism friends through the Autism Society and, in fact, John, our 34-year-old with autism, has made his best friends through our AST network as well. 

Q: Last question! What is one thing you want people to know about AST?
A: AST can’t solve all your problems but it can provide you with reliable information and ongoing support. 

AutFest At Home is one week away, starting April 30th at 7 pm.
To check out this years line up, purchase your ticket (just $10 a household), or sponsor AutFest TX 2020, click here!