Wondering about Amplify Austin 2017?

Are you wondering why you haven’t heard anything from the Autism Society of Texas about Amplify Austin 2017? 

“I Live Here, I Give Here” is a message we wholeheartedly agree with but we have several reasons why this program just isn’t the right option for fundraising for us this year. We wanted to explain why Amplify is not right for us and also encourage you to still consider giving to the Autism Society of Texas.

Here’s why we aren’t participating in Amplify Austin 2017:

  • Labor intensive

As you may know, the Autism Society of Texas is a small operation with only four staff members.  Amplify Austin requires participating organizations to work huge amounts of time for the campaign.  Not counting the preparations for Amplify, the day of is nearly 24 hours of staff checking stats, reminding donors, updating social media, etc.  After reflecting on our mission, we feel that this use of staff time doesn’t align with what we want to do as an organization.

  • Cost

Amplify Austin charges an eight percent service charge on each donation on Amplify Austin Day.  This service charge subsidizes the cost of AmplifyATX.org including training and support, staff, financial services, platform, technology, marketing, public relation and credit card transactions. We, and some of our donors, feel that it is best for us to have donations go directly to Autism Society of Texas without the service fees associated with Amplify.

  • Timing

At the Autism Society of Texas, we are working hard to raise the funds to support our many programs.  Amplify falls between two other major events for us at the Autism Society of Texas, The Austin Marathon on February 19th and our Annual Bike Ride and FunRun on April 2nd.  We are busy planning and organizing these events and participating in Amplify Austin could take away from our other, more mission-focused events.

  • Incentives

In previous years, we attempted to get the incentives through Amplify Austin, but because we are a small (albeit mighty) organization we just could not compare to some of the other, larger organizations.  With no large match grant, and our size the likelihood of winning an incentive is very low.

Although we won’t be participating, we still encourage you to give to the Autism Society of Texas We offer a variety of services to individuals and families affected by Autism.  Services include information and resource referrals, support groups, employment services, life skills trainings, recreation events, advocacy presentations, and education on autism.

Here is what your donations could do for individuals and families affected by autism:

$10 would provide an adult with autism the opportunity to go to a bowling recreation event.

$25 pays for a support group for parents who have children with autism.

$50 pays for a swim lesson for a child who has autism with sensory processing issues.

$100 provides an adult or child with autism the opportunity to attend a recreation camp.

$200 provides trainings for professionals, such as teachers, firefighters and police officers on autism and the needs of individuals with autism.

Please donate:

Please go our Facebook page to donate to the Autism Society of Texas, donate online here, or mail a check made out to the Autism Society of Texas, 300 E. Highland Mall Drive, Suite 205,
Austin, TX 78752. As a nonprofit, all donations are tax deductible, and you will receive a tax receipt letter confirming your gift.

Thank you so much for your support. Your gift will make a difference in the autism community.