Hiring Bilingual Support Specialist (Spanish)- Part Time

Join our team! We’re looking for a part time Bilingual Support Specialist (Spanish) with experience in working with people with Autism or knowledge about Autism. Please review complete job description and requirements below, and send resume with cover letter to office@texasautismsociety.org or apply on Indeed.com.


Bilingual Support Specialist (Spanish) – Part Time

Job Description


The Autism Society of Texas (AST) is a state affiliate operating under the Autism Society of America, a non-profit (501c3) organization whose mission is to create connections, empowering everyone in the Autism community with the resources needed to live fully. AST fulfills this mission by providing education, information, support, and advocacy for people affected by Autism, their families, educators, professionals, and the community-at-large. This part time position will require between 10-15 hours per week and potential candidate must be fluent in Spanish for both written and spoken communications.

The Autism Society of Texas’ Bilingual Support Specialist works directly with families who have children with Autism, as well as Autistic adults in the community. This position often serves as the first line of contact in our Navigating Autism program which provides individualized guidance, support, and information statewide via calls and emails.     


The Bilingual Support Specialist (part time) will report to the Executive Director.  The Specialist is responsible for knowing the vision and mission of the organization and adhering to the standards set by the parent organization, Autism Society of America. This position requires the ability to listen to and assess the needs of callers, as well as provide resources and information to calls and emails received. The Specialist manages all incoming calls and emails in English and Spanish, striving to make sure every inquiry is answered in a timely manner.  Some translation work may be required when providing Autism resources and information to requests for help in Spanish. This is a part-time position with flexible hours, and calls and emails must be answered within 2 business days. The Bilingual Support Specialist may also be called upon to substitute as facilitator for our Spanish Parent/Caregiver Group. Training will be provided.


  • Must embrace the mission of the Autism Society of Texas
  • Must have excellent communication skills in Spanish and English
  • Must have a deep understanding of Autism and services associated with it
  • Ability to manage multiple calls and requests
  • Must be able to locate resources in all parts of Texas
  • Have the ability to build meaningful relationships to help diversify our resource database
  • Must be comfortable communicating via phone and email
  • Be organized and able to track data appropriately
  • Display a positive attitude, show concern for people and community, demonstrate presence, self-confidence, common sense and good listening ability


  1. Respond to requests for information about Autism Spectrum Disorder and Autism-related resources from a variety of individuals. Inquiries reach AST by phone, email, social media, website, and other means. Enter each inquiry into the Autism Society’s database in a timely and accurate manner
  2. Work in a non-discriminatory, culturally-sensitive manner which encourages all community members to access the AST’s services and activities
  3. Track demographic data and needs and communicate these needs to the Director of Statewide Education and Outreach and Executive Director
  4. Comply with organizational policies, procedures, and regulations. 
  5. May be called on as substitute facilitator for Spanish parent/caregiver group (training provided)
  6. Some translation work may be required to translate Autism resources when responding to calls and email requests for help
  7. Other duties as assigned by the Executive Director

Strong candidates for this position will have:

  1. Mastery of both English and Spanish languages
  2. Documented work experience in community-based information and referral programming or similar experience and knowledge of Autism
  3. Excellent organizational skills including attention to detail, good record keeping, responsible time management, and the ability to juggle multiple projects and deadlines in both an independent and collaborative setting
  4. Strong computer skills
  5. The ability to maintain confidentiality
  6. Associates Degree 


$15-$18/hr based on experience and other qualifications. Part-time contract position.

Flexible work schedule. Must be able to respond to calls and email within 2 business days. Remote or in-office (Austin, TX).


Please send resume and cover letter to office@texasautismsociety.org or apply via Indeed.com.