National Autism Awareness Month: School, Home, Community

Here at Autism Society of Central Texas, we are so excited about all of the fun things going on during National Autism Awareness Month! We have outlined below a few ways for you to help us spread awareness and acceptance about Autism throughout the month of April in your school, home, and community.


Create a club! What better way to spread awareness and acceptance than to educate your peers about Autism? Create pamphlets and flyers to inform your school’s community on important events going on and facts about Autism.

Inform your school community about autism!  See if a counselor or special education teacher will help to write an article for your school newsletter about autism.


Talk to your kids about autism. All people have strengths and challenges. Everyone is unique and special in their own way!

Find books at your local library or bookstore about autism. Find videos online about individuals with autism or advocates for the autism community.


Come to our Texas Autism Bike Ride & Fun Run & celebrate with our local autism community!

Participate in one of the many events going on this month like Autism Awareness Proclamations at Round Rock & Cedar Park City Hall! Check out the calendar.

Encourage your neighbors and friends to participate in National Autism Society’s Sensory Friendly Instagram Photo Challenge using the hashtags #NAAM16, #AutismTX16, and #AutismFriendly

Spread awareness by posting autism facts in your neighborhood newsletter or email group.