Advocacy Alerts! Take Action!

May 17th Advocacy Alerts!

We are almost at the end of the 87th Texas legislative session and a few bills have a chance to pass but need your help! Please call as soon as possible!

Who to contact:

Please call the Lt. Governor’s office and your own Texas State Senator.

Lieutenant Governor, Dan Patrick: (512) 463-0001 or

Find your Texas State Senator here:

What to ask for all bills:

“Please support HB 1535, HB 144, HB 3880, HB 411, HB 159, HB 2256, HB 290, and SB 2028 to help individuals with autism and other disabilities.”  (See bill list below).

Bill List:

HB 1535 | Expand the Texas Compassionate Use Act

This bill expands the Texas Compassionate Use Act and supports those who need safe, legal access to medical cannabis. Review and complete the short advocacy alert here from our friends at Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy. Full bill text can be found here:

HB 144 | COVID-19 Special Education Recovery Act

COVID-19 supplement to review whether or not sped. services available to the student were interrupted, reduced, delayed, suspended, or discontinued due to the pandemic. Full bill text can be found here:

HB 3880 | Include Full Evaluations for Dyslexia in Special Education

HB 3880 would help bring Texas into compliance with federal law by guaranteeing students with dyslexia the right to a full evaluation of their needs under IDEA, rather than just a dyslexia-only evaluation. Read the full bill text here:

HB 411 | Change “ARD Committee” to “IEP Team”

This would change the term “ARD” to the more accurate, appropriate, and more widely-used term, “IEP Team.” This would reduce confusion for parents and students with autism and other disabilities, and align the terminology with IDEA. Read the full bill text here:

HB 159 | Improve Teacher Training

This bill would improve training and staff development for primary and secondary educators to enable them to more effectively serve all students. The bill would specify what each educator is expected to know and be able to do, particularly with regard to students with disabilities. Full bill text can be found here: 

HB 2256 | Creating Bilingual Special Education Certification 

This bill would create a bilingual special education certification to teach students of limited English proficiency with disabilities. Full bill text can be found here:

HB 290 | Improve Medicaid Children’s Coverage

Read more from our friends #SickOfItTX and complete their quick advocacy alert.  This bill protects eligible kids from needlessly being kicked off of their Medicaid insurance! Complete this quick alert here.  Read the full bill text here:

SB 2028 | Make Texas Medicaid Better!

Adds dental benefits, improves independent living, and advances care for children. Read more here from our friends at Coalition of Texans with Disabilities and complete their quick alert hereRead the full bill text here:

If you need help, or if any offices have questions or need follow up, please contact us at or (512) 479-4199, Ext. 10. Thank you for being an advocate!