5/19/21 Advocacy Alerts! Take Action!

PART 1: Good news! Your actions worked and bills are moving to Senate Education this Friday! Please call Senate Education Committee members and ask for their support for the bills below, then scroll down for Part 2!

HB 1252 | Extend time to file a due process complaint from one year to two years

This bill would align Texas law with federal law by expanding the statute of special education due process hearings from one year to two years. Full bill text can be found here: https://capitol.texas.gov/tlodocs/87R/billtext/html/HB01252E.htm

HB 2256 | Creating Bilingual Special Education Certification 

This bill would create a bilingual special education certification to teach students of limited English proficiency with disabilities. Full bill text can be found here: https://capitol.texas.gov/tlodocs/87R/billtext/html/HB02256E.htm

HB 3880 | Include Full Evaluations for Dyslexia in Special Education

HB 3880 would help bring Texas into compliance with federal law by guaranteeing students with dyslexia the right to a full evaluation of their needs under IDEA, rather than just a dyslexia-only evaluation. Full bill text can be found here: https://capitol.texas.gov/tlodocs/87R/billtext/html/HB03880E.htm

What to say: “Please support HB 1252 to extend time to file due process from one year to two, HB 2256 to create bilingual special ed. teacher certification, and HB-3880 for full evaluation of dyslexia under IDEA.”

Who to contact: Please contact all members of Senate Education Committee below. (Then scroll down for two other important bills!).

Senate Education    
Senator Larry Taylor – Chair (512) 463-0111 larry.taylor@senate.texas.gov
Senator Eddie Lucio Jr. – Vice Chair (512) 463-0127 eddie.lucio@senate.texas.gov
Senator Paul Bettencourt (512) 463-0107 paul.bettencourt@senate.texas.gov
Senator Bob Hall (512) 463-0102 bob.hall@senate.texas.gov
Senator Bryan Hughes (512) 463-0101 bryan.hughes@senate.texas.gov
Senator José Menéndez (512) 463-0126 jose.menendez@senate.texas.gov
Senator Angela Paxton (512) 463-0108 angela.paxton@senate.texas.gov
Senator Charles Perry (512) 463-0128 charles.perry@senate.texas.gov
Senator Beverly Powell (512) 463-0110 beverly.powell@senate.texas.gov
Senator Charles Schwertner (512) 463-0105
Senator Royce West (512) 463-0123 royce.west@senate.texas.gov
Committee Clerk Bradley Hurt (512) 463-0355 bradley.hurt_sc@senate.texas.gov

PART 2: Bad news! These two bills didn’t move and need your help! Please ask the Lt. Governor, Dan Patrick, to refer HB 144 and HB 411 to the appropriate committee!

HB 144 | COVID-19 Special Education Recovery Act

COVID-19 supplement to review whether or not sped. services available to the student were interrupted, reduced, delayed, suspended, or discontinued due to the pandemic. Full bill text can be found here: https://capitol.texas.gov/tlodocs/87R/billtext/html/HB00144E.htm

HB 411 | Change “ARD Committee” to “IEP Team”

This bill would change the term “ARD” to the more accurate, appropriate, and more widely-used term, “IEP Team.” This would reduce confusion for parents and students with autism and other disabilities, and align the terminology with IDEA. Full text can be found here: https://capitol.texas.gov/tlodocs/87R/billtext/html/HB00411E.htm

What to say: “Refer HB 144- the COVID-19 Special Ed. Recovery Act, and HB 411- which will change the name “ARD Committee” to “IEP Team” to the appropriate committee.”

Who to contact:

Lieutenant Governor, Dan Patrick: (512) 463-0001 or dan.patrick@ltgov.state.tx.us


Let us know if you were successful or if AST Advocacy staff need to do any follow-ups at 512-479-4199 Ext. 10 or advocacy@texasautismsociety.org. Thank you!