First Responder Training Resources

After a generous donor offered to support an Autism training video for first responders, the Autism Society of Central Texas worked with Red Media Group, Chester Security, parents and individuals with Autism to create a free training video for first responders. The video is 26 minutes long and includes information about Autism to educate and inform various first responder groups who may encounter individuals with Autism in their community.

It is recommended to show this video then use the National Autism Association (NAA) Big Red Safety Toolkit to further educate first responders about Autism. It is available as a free download here.

Team Alex

Alex was diagnosed with Autism right before his 2nd birthday. It was the scariest time in our lives. He lost his abilities to communicate in what seemed like overnight. There were not many resources available like there are now. I really had to search for help. We started early intervention. […]

Study Finds Brains With Autism Have Too Many Synapses

Thanks to the New York Times for another article on autism.  This one describes a brain study at Columbia University that may lead to new treatments. From the article: As a baby’s brain develops, there is an explosion of synapses, the connections that allow neurons to send and receive […]

The Kids Who Beat Autism

This article from the New York Times Sunday Magazine is long but worth reading all the way through because it is thorough and balanced. I found this quote especially refreshing in its honesty: “I’ve been studying autistic kids for 40 years,” [clinical neuropsychologist Deborah] Fein says, “and I’m pretty good […]

The Potts Family

When our son Luke was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at age 5, the first place we called was the Autism Society of Greater Austin. We received the resource guide, as well as great information and referrals. We are so grateful for the support and information that the Autism Society of Greater Austin provides and […]

From a long time member

Our family has been a member of the Autism Society of Greater Austin for the past 8 or 9 years. What a fabulous organization! I have networked with many other parents and found new friends and families who have adult “kids” like my son. ASGA (as we call it) has […]