Autism Society Member Publishes iBook

Cooking with the Autistic Child by longtime Autism Society member Margaret Ott and her collaborator Suchita Mujumdar is now for sale on the iBookstore site for $9.99. It requires an iPad with iBooks software.

I had the chance to preview the book over the summer and thought it was great.  Margaret incorporates all the strategies that she has developed over years of cooking with her teenage daughter with autism.  The instructions are clear and concise and the photographs illustrate exactly what the cooks are supposed to do.  What impressed me the most was Margaret’s skill at showing the adult how to prepare so that when the child starts cooking, everything flows smoothly and steadily.  She also takes full advantage of the iPad’s capabilities while maintaining the feel of a book.

To learn more and to order the book, go to this link:

You might also want to check out Margaret and Suchita’s new website:  

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