Advisory Panels

The Autistic Adult Advisory Panel (AAAP)

This panel shares insights into the neurodivergent point of view to aid the Autism Society of Texas in their endeavor to best serve the autistic community.

Liaison: Sal Silinonte.

Read about Sal here: S Silinonte Bio

Do you have a question for an adult on the spectrum? Ask the Autistic Adult Advisory Panel by submitting a question below!

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Panel of Professional Advisors (PPA)

We are excited to bring together a community of autism providers and professionals to advise and support the work of the Autism Society. The primary interests and goals of this group are networking, sharing information and resources, developing collaborative programs and funding, and providing a local support group for our autism providers and professionals. We schedule quarterly meetings to network and discuss professional autism issues that may arise in our community. Please contact fill out this form if you’re interested in participating in this group.

Panel of Professional Advisors, 2017 Panel Member Roster: PPA 2017