2024 Solar Eclipse Resources

Recommendations for Solar Eclipse Preparation

    • Create a plan. Decide on the best option available for viewing the eclipse, for example, a livestream video, through a telescope, or with special glasses. Decide if your child will wear the glasses the entire time, view the eclipse, or take quick looks. Discuss options like viewing inside on a screen if necessary. 
    • Share information about the Solar Eclipse with your child to engage their interest. Explain what an eclipse is (ex: what will the sky look like, how long will it be dark.) Show images from the internet to help them visualize what happens during an eclipse. 
    • Prepare your child for what to expect in advance. Discuss with your child where they will be during the eclipse and explain what they will be doing (ex: school or home, viewing with glasses or on a screen). If you will be viewing the eclipse outside with glasses, you can also read our AST Social Narrative on the eclipse. 
    • Have a practice run. Practice wearing the glasses, going outside, and looking at the sky. Consider using a Time Timer app to show the time elapsing visually to help your child understand the duration of the eclipse. Use a stopwatch to time how long they can comfortably keep the glasses on. Check if the glasses need any adaptations, such as adding elastic in the back or modifying cardboard glasses with tissue or cotton. Ensure your child is comfortable with any adjustments.
    • Monitor your child’s comfort. During practice sessions, pay attention to your child’s comfort level. If they struggle to keep the glasses on, plan for shorter viewing intervals or alternative methods to experience the eclipse safely.
    • Pay attention to how you communicate information. Use clear and positive language when communicating about wearing glasses. Instead of saying, “Don’t look at the sky,” say, “Keep your glasses on; This is important for your safety”. Reinforce that adults will guide them regarding when to wear the glasses.
    • Have a backup plan. In the event that your child doesn’t want to participate, be prepared with an alternative activity that they can do instead. 
    • Stay positive. Remember to create a positive and enjoyable experience for your child while ensuring their safety during the Solar Eclipse.

Download the Recommendations for Solar Eclipse Preparation PDF in English. 

Download the Recommendations for Solar Eclipse Preparation PDF in Spanish. 

Download the Solar Eclipse Social Narrative for children in English. (Page 1 above)

Download the Solar Eclipse Social Narrative for children in Spanish. 

Solar Eclipse Social Narrative For Children – Written Text:

  1. The Solar Eclipse will happen on Monday, April 8, 2024. 
  2. The Solar Eclipse is a special event where the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, and casts a shadow over the Earth for a little while.  
  3. There are different ways to see the eclipse safely. I will listen to instructions from the grown up I am with.
  4. During the eclipse, my eyes cannot look at the sky directly. It is not safe.  
  5. If I want to go outside to see the Solar Eclipse, I will need special glasses to keep my eyes safe. 
  6. I will ask a grown-up for help getting and using the special glasses.
  7. I will make sure the special glasses cover my eyes completely.
  8. If I don’t want to be outside or wear glasses, I will let an adult know.  
  9. A grownup will let me know when it is safe to remove the special glasses.
  10. If I protect my eyes with special eyeglasses, I will be safe and have fun watching the Solar Eclipse.

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