April News

It’s National Autism Awareness Month! From our COVID-19 Toolkit, to our Stronger Together Campaign, to virtual meetings, we’ve got a lot going on this month!

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Brown Bag Presentation – Preparing For Middle School

Check out our slideshow on Preparing For Middle School!
Preparing for Middle School

Download a sample Middle School Social Story 
Middle School Social Story

March Newsletters

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COVID-19 Preparedness and Resources

There are an increasing number of resources for individuals with autism and other disabilities in response to the coronavirus pandemic.  We are consolidating them here. In addition, if you’re looking for things to do or learn at home, we’ve put together some ideas below!


Autism Society of America’s COVID-19 Resources & Tips here.

Autism Society of Minnesota’s guide for self-quarantine & social distancing for children and autistic adults can be found here.

Coronavirus social story from The Autism Educator here.

Special Education Rights & coronavirus information from Disability Rights Texas here.

U.S. Department of Education Releases Webinar, Fact Sheet for Protecting Students’ Civil Rights During COVID-19 Response: Video(7 minutes) or Fact Sheet


TEXAS 211: Food, health, housing & more.  Call 2-1-1, or (877) 541-7905



Whether you’re at home with autistic children, teens, or adults and nowhere to go, we have some ideas. Consider using this extra time to master or start working on new skills.  Without the rush or stress to get to places, there’s plenty of time to work on getting dressed, putting on shoes, and other life skills around the house such as laundry, cleaning, and basic cooking skills. Try some handwriting or keyboarding practice, or for teens who only print, perhaps learn to create a signature in cursive. Don’t forget about free online resources such as Learning Ally (free for those with disabilities), Khan Academy, and check your school online portal if you have one, as they usually have many free online learning tools.

To find visuals for supporting teaching of some life skills, check Pinterest. Using “autism” in your search will usually bring up some great visuals and social stories. (Suggested searches: “How to get dressed autism,” “How to make a sandwich autism”).  Start with the skills the individual already has, and add something new. Model and explain it, have them practice with you, and have a visual reminder to support the new skill.

Here are examples of visual supports from Pinterest:

How to make a sandwich

How to get dressed

We know this is a hard time for everyone. We’ll continue adding to this list and providing updates and support!

February News

Check out what’s happening!  We need Austin Marathon volunteers, Autism Awareness Night is coming up in March with the San Antonio Spurs, and we have many support groups!

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January Mid-Month Updates

What’s happening? We’ll see you in San Antonio for DreamWeek, join us Saturday 1/25 at our Sensory Friendly Concert, VOLUNTEER at the Austin Marathon, make a donation- it’s doubled thanks to Moody Foundation & Austin Marathon-Austin Gives Miles, and KEEP VOTING for our Recognize Good Legend, Ann Hart, Board President & amazing volunteer.

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January News

Check out what’s happening this month! Recreation Event: Sensory-Friendly Concert at Kick Butt Coffee, 2020 DreamWeek: Succeeding with Autism in San Antonio, support groups including our new Waco group for autistic adults, vote for Ann Hart in the RecognizeGood #SayThanksAustin Campaign, getting ready for the Austin Marathon: Join #TeamAutism & more!

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December News

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2019 – What a Year!

It’s been a great year! From advocacy, to programs & new support groups, we had a year full of programs and educational events to help families and adults with autism.

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November Mid-Month Updates

Check out what’s happening for the rest of the month! AutFest Texas film submission deadline is 12/9/19. We’re seeking volunteers for our film screening committee as well as short & feature films! Jingle & Mingle was a huge success, and check out upcoming events, “Preparing for the Holidays” and “Genetic Testing: Guiding Treatment & Care for People with Autism” in early December, as well as support groups and events!

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