Advocacy Alert: Help us get ABA covered under Medicaid!

Please contact the following state Representatives and express your support to fund Exceptional Item 45 which would give children on Medicaid access to ABA therapy!

Please email the following people (see email sample below):

Rep. John Zerwas, Chair (R-Richmond) Appropriations Chair

Rep. Sarah Davis, Art ll, Chair (R-West University Place)

Rep. J.D. Sheffield, Art ll,Vice Chair (R-Gatesville)

Rep. Philip Cortez (D-San Antonio)

Rep. Cole Hefner (R-Mt. Pleasant)

Rep. John Turner (D-Dallas)

Please include your name & address in your email, and if you are a constituent, please let them know!

You can find out who represents you here:

Houston area: Representative Sarah Davis, Chair of the House Subcommittee working on this, needs to hear from her constituents. Please call her office at 512-463-0389 and let them know you want to fund Exceptional Item 45.

Use the sample text below & paste into your email, or create your own.  You can also add your own comments regarding ABA if you wish to- feel free to tell about your experience and how ABA helped your child, or please let them know if your child has not been able to receive ABA but would benefit from it. Sample email text:

Please fund HHSC Exceptional Item 45 to provide children on Medicaid access to ABA therapy (Applied Behavior Analysis)! 1 in 59 children have autism and they deserve to have access to the most effective evidence-based therapy. Access to ABA therapy improves outcomes and reduces the reliance on long term services and supports. Thank you for supporting Texas children with autism.

Thank you,

Your Name (Include your address too!)

Questions? Email Jacquie at Thank you for your time! The Texas Legislature only meets every 2 years and we’d love to see this pass!

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