AutFest Texas Returns! Check Out Our 2022 Film Selection

Our 5th Annual Film Festival, AutFest Texas Film Festival, returns October 23rd from 4-9PM at AFS Cinema in Austin! You’re invited to join us for a night of film, community, and celebrating neurodivergent pride.

We are so excited to showcase our 2022 Selected Films. Check them out!


This documentary short is a slice of life of a young autistic boy and his father, the director of the short, and is a declaration of filial love.

The Academy of Extraordinary Heroes 
Superhero stories transport us to places of fantasy and adventure. At their essence, however, they are about finding our best selves. The Academy of Extraordinary Heroes explores this theme on multiple levels when three young men gain superpowers and deal with the unexpected results.

Backyard Camping
Exceptional Minds, an animation program that works with autistic adults, partnered with Sesame Street to animate a short about Julia, the first Sesame Street character on the spectrum.

Fierce Love & Art
 A documentary that follows the art careers of a select group of autistic artists and their families.

The Home Office
Every office has politics, romance, performance evaluations and HR, but it’s just a little different in an animation studio run by cartoon characters during the pandemic. This animated short gives a nod to the Office as well as beloved cartoon tropes.

Lionfish: Menace to the Atlantic Basin 
This short film documentary delves into an invasive species of fish by an autistic filmmaker

Moving Into Adulthood
Moving Into Adulthood delves into the post-educational life transition of two former students from Portland State University’s first graduating class of the Career and Community Studies four-year certificate program. Sawyer and Wyatt, both on the Autism spectrum, were both hired at NIKE despite graduating during the COVID pandemic in 2020. This film covers Sawyer and Wyatt’s journeys as they face life’s challenges as young adults.

Feature (in-person event only)

Beyond follows Tamara Mark, a once rising Broadway/Hollywood star, to a full-time single mother of two nonverbal autistic adults, fighting for their dream to build a community for autistic adults with a higher level of support needs so they can gain autonomy and live life to the fullest.

100% of proceeds from this event go towards supporting and empowering individuals in the Texas Autism community.