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Team Alex

Team AlexAlex was diagnosed with Autism right before his 2nd birthday. It was the scariest time in our lives. He lost his abilities to communicate in what seemed like overnight. There were not many resources available like there are now. I really had to search for help. We started early intervention. He learned how to talk and communicate again. We were diligent with therapies. There were many tears and hearts broken.

Today Alex is mainstreamed in public school and does very well academically and continues to struggle socially. He is a very happy young man and brings joy to those who get to know him. He loves animals and playing games. We are so proud of Alex.

When I decided to participate in the Autism Bike Ride I spoke to Alex about it. I asked him what he would think if he had his own team. He got a huge smile on his face and said, “That would be great!!” So TEAM ALEX was created. He is so proud!

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