Connections Created: AST February Recap!

February was a great month! We had a lot of fun with volunteers at our Austin Marathon Aid Station, and cheered on our amazing runners for #TeamAutism! Thanks to everyone that participated, we raised over $10,000 and we were able to secure a $10,000 match from The Moody Foundation to use to fund programs! We are so grateful! We hosted our second Seminars Across the Spectrum series, “Sex Ed. Guidance: What Everyone Needs To Know” presented by Dr. Michelle Garcia & Brian Delgado, MA. We heard from many families that they were happy to get such great information on such an important topic! The adult support group learned about the impact that healthy food and good oral hygiene have on overall health, and we launched our new San Antonio parent/caregiver group this month!

Our employment program cohort has been learning about how to manage tough situations that can come up in the workplace. They heard Dana Sayre about the importance of setting good boundaries and the cost of masking at work. They have also been focusing attention on what it’s like to start a new job and strategies for how to plan for the first day of employment.

Our highlight was some wonderful feedback from an attendee at one of our Autistic adult support groups; “Sharing about ourselves, setbacks, successes, & struggles. It’s great to know I have support & help when needed.” AST is excited about these connections! We invite you to join us for an event or group and connect with us!