Fundraising Tips

Thank you for supporting the Autism Society of Central Texas through the 2015 Autism Bike Ride and Fun Run.  We are using FirstGiving for our online registration and fundraising.  FirstGiving is a secure, online fundraising tool that lets you build your own personal fundraising page and monitor your progress raising money and awareness to help those affected by autism in central Texas.

Please use this guide as a resource to help you as you reach your fundraising goal.  If you have questions or would like assistance from the Autism Society of Central Texas, please do not hesitate to contact our office at: (512) 479-4199 or


Raise $500 in 7 days

Who wouldn’t want to be able to sport the 2015 Autism Bike Ride jersey for their Saturday morning ride and be the envy of their friends?  Here’s a simple formula to help you achieve that level in just 7 days.

Day 1: Sponsor Yourself for $50! $50
Day 2: Ask 2 family members to sponsor you for $35. $120
Day 3: Ask 3 cycling/golfing/running/walking friends to sponsor you for $30. $210
Day 4: Ask 4 co-workers to sponsor you for $25. $310
Day 5: Ask 5 neighbors to sponsor you for $20. $410
Day 6: Ask 6 Facebook friends to sponsor you for $15. $500
Day 7: Celebrate!  You Did it!

 Tips for Fundraising Success

1. Be the first to donate to you online fundraising page

Make sure that you’re the first to donate to your page. It communicates commitment. Why would anyone contribute to a cause when the person asking for funds has yet to do so? This also sets the donation amount precedent — don’t let another person set the donation bar. Will the first donation be $50? $60? You decide.

2. Have a “soft launch” for your online fundraising page

People want to be a part of a winning story. Before you promote an online fundraising page, make sure your “inner circle” has contributed. The “inner circle” are the people who, no matter the cause, will support your actions– mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, girlfriends, boyfriends, etc.  With funds already secured, you are telling your extended network that “it’s okay, donate to this page, look at all the people who already have…”

3. Make a video for your fundraising page

Online fundraising pages with video outperform those without. According to FirstGiving, videos increase average fundraising by $793:

  • Online fundraising pages with video raise an average of $1,182
  • Online fundraising pages without video raise an average of $389

4. Connect your fundraising page to your social media

Social media platforms amplify your message. They also maximize the potential of your fundraising page. Sharing remarkable content along side your fundraising page link can have a positive impact on results. As much as 18% of donations are now referred from Facebook.