Advocacy Action Alert | HB 2984-Autism Insurance Equity Bill

Request a Hearing! HB 2984-Autism Insurance Equity Bill! 

Posted: 4/8/21


The Texas Insurance Code requires a health benefit plan to provide coverage for all generally recognized services prescribed in relation to autism spectrum disorder, including applied behavioral analysis (ABA) and other therapies, in the treatment plan recommended by the physician. ABA treatment is included in the Mental Health Parity law, requiring that ABA services be covered if any other services are covered (HB 10). However, the current restriction in Texas is that a person must receive their autism diagnosis prior to their 10th birthday. In addition, there is an annual maximum cap of $36,000 per year for a person who meets coverage qualification that is 10 years of age or older. Finally, some insurance companies have implemented policies that are overly burdensome and are used to create barriers to delay or prevent people with autism from receiving needed treatments and services.

House Bill 2984 amends Texas Insurance Code to require that health benefit plans do the following: 

  • Eliminate the age and coverage limitations by aligning the diagnosis with the definition of developmental disability to diagnoses made prior to the enrollee’s 22nd birthday 
  • Honor the physician’s prescribed treatment plan regardless of an annual limit 
  • Limit the ability for health plans to force families to reevaluate or reassess the covered individual any more than once every 10 years
  • Ensure that all approved providers can perform evaluations or assessments

HB 2984 – Rep. Julie Johnson

Read the full bill text here:

Specific Action Needed:

Ask: “Please schedule HB 2984 for a hearing! People with autism deserve insurance equity!”

Who to Call/Email:

Please call or email the House Committee on Insurance. Contact the members of the House Committee on Insurance and the Clerk (Scott Crownover) using the action above!

Representative Tom Oliverson-Chair(512)
Representative Hubert Vo-Vice Chair(512)
Representative Celia Israel(512)
Representative Dennis Paul(512)
Representative Jessica Gonzalez(512)
Representative Lacey Hull(512)
Representative Mayes Middleton(512)
Representative Ramon Romero(512)
Representative Scott Sanford(512)
Committee Clerk Scott Crownover(512)

Let us know if you were successful or if AST Advocacy staff need to do any follow-ups at 512-479-4199 Ext. 10 or