Advocacy Action Alert | HB 785 – Annual Reviews of Behavioral Intervention Plans

Support HB 785 -Annual Reviews of Behavioral Intervention Plans 

Updated: 4/32/21   Posted: 4/16/21


Students receiving special education are more likely to receive disciplinary action than students who do not have a disability. A Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) guides educators and staff in identifying and eliminating problem behaviors that impact a student’s academic achievement. A BIP should be reviewed annually, or more frequently if needed, to ensure that the BIP is adequately and effectively addressing these problem behaviors. An effective BIP can help prevent escalation of problem behaviors and more severe disciplinary actions. If disciplinary actions such as restraints are used, then parents should be quickly notified and the BIP should be reviewed.

House Bill 785 amends the Education Code by revising certain rules related to BIPs for students in special education. HB 785 would require that the parent or guardian be notified in writing if their student with a disability has a change in placement or is restrained, including a description of the incident and whether the student’s BIP should be revised to address the behavior that led to the change or restraint. If the student does not have a BIP, then it should also include information on requesting an ARD committee meeting to discuss the possibility of conducting a functional behavioral assessment and developing a plan for the student. This written notification and a record of how it was sent to the parent or guardian would also be placed in the student’s special education eligibility school records.

HB 785 – Rep. Dr. Alma Allen (There is no Senate companion bill).

Full bill text here:

Specific Action Needed: 

4/23/21 UPDATE: Ask to set HB-785 for a hearing!

4/16/21: This bill passed through the House (4/8/2021) and has been referred to the Senate Education Committee (4/12/2021).

Who to Call/Email:

4/23/21 UPDATE:  Ask to set HB-785 for a hearing!  Contact Senate Education Chair-Senator Larry Taylor: (512) 463-0111 or
Also contact Ed. Committee Director Beth Shields at

4/16/21: Ask for support from Lt. Governor Dan Patrick & the Senate Education Committee to vote it out of Committee. 

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick (512) 463-0001
Senate Education Committee Members
Senator Larry Taylor – Chair (512) 463-0111
Senator Eddie Lucio Jr. – Vice Chair (512) 463-0127
Senator Paul Bettencourt (512) 463-0107
Senator Bob Hall (512) 463-0102
Senator Bryan Hughes (512) 463-0101
Senator José Menéndez (512) 463-0126
Senator Angela Paxton (512) 463-0108
Senator Charles Perry (512) 463-0128
Senator Beverly Powell (512) 463-0110
Senator Charles Schwertner (512) 463-0105
Senator Royce West (512) 463-0123
Committee Clerk Bradley Hurt (512) 463-0355

Let us know if you were successful or if AST Advocacy staff need to do any follow-ups at 512-479-4199 Ext. 10 or