Help Fix Special Education!

Please call and tell conference committee members (listed below), “Please support House Budget Rider X-9/ Senate Budget Rider III-75”.
These budget riders will:
1) Provide transparency about the progress of TEA’s corrective actions. The Texas Education Agency recently indicated that it cannot implement federally mandated overhauls to comply with special education IDEA requirements until at least June 2020! (Not acceptable!)
2) Require the Legislative Budget Board to examine how special education funding is being spent in Texas. Recent calculations show that Texas could have misspent nearly $223 MILLION.  (The federal 5th Circuit Court of Appeals recently upheld a ruling that Texas improperly used federal funds to reduce state spending instead of supporting children who need special education services).
3)  Would create a report that would provide more clarity about how special education money is being spent.  (The TEA has been subject to some contracting scandals, and this would provide more transparency).
4)  Create a report on special education with a review by the Legislative Budget Board, which would provide critically-needed transparency to Texans and insight to the Legislature about how to fix special education in Texas.
Please contact/message via phone, tweet or Facebook!

Texas House Appropriations Committee:

Rep. John Zerwas, (512) 463-0657 (@johnzerwas) (@RepJohnZerwas)

Rep. Sarah Davis, (512) 463-0389 (@sarahdavisrep134) (@SarahforHD134)

Rep. Oscar Longoria, (512) 463-0645 (@RepLongoria) (@RepLongoria)

Rep. Armando Walle, (512) 463-0924 (@RepWalle) (@RepWalle)

Rep. Greg Bonnen, (512) 463-0729 (@DrGregBonnen) (@DrGregBonnen)

Texas Senate Finance Committee:

Senator Jane Nelson, (512) 463-0112 (@SenatorJaneNelson) (SenJaneNelson)

Senator Joan Huffman, (512) 463-0117 (@senatorjoanhuffman) (@joanhuffman)

Senator Lois Kolkhurst, (512) 463-0118 (@LoisKolkhorst) (@loiskolkhorst)

Senator Larry Taylor, (512) 463-0111 (@senlarrytaylor) (@SenLarryTaylor)

Senator Robert Nichols, (512) 463-0103 (@SenatorRobertNichols) (@SenatorNichols)

Thank you to Representative Gina Hinojosa for her work to support special education! Thank you to the House Appropriations Committee and the Senate Finance Committee for including these budget riders.
A big thank you to Representative Mary González & Senator Kirk Watson for adding these amendments.