Hurricane Harvey

Resources for Those Affected by the Storm

**NOTE** We are no longer able to provide financial support to families impacted by Hurricane Harvey effective 12/10/2017. Please see the list below for other direct community resources.  We encourage families to contact Red Cross or FEMA directly for disaster support at this time.

Texas Autism Families: If you are displaced or having difficulties due to Hurricane Harvey, please see the following list of resources for shelter and support. You can also call our office at 512-479-4199 or the national Autism Source line at 1-800-3-AUTISM (328-8476). We will be monitoring the situation and offering help where we can. Please stay safe!

Click here for a full list of resources

Donate to Support Our Autism Families

Extreme and sudden changes like those being experienced with Hurricane Harvey can be especially stressful on people with autism. The Autism Society of Texas is working directly with families affected, local agencies and shelters to minimize the stress. Please help
with a donation to our Hurricane Harvey Relief fund.