Jack Stephens Scholarship Fund

Grant Opportunities for Autistic Children and Youth


Scholarships are funded by Music Knows No Boundaries who hosted their event at the White Oak Music Hall in Houston on October 5, 2022. Music Knows No Boundaries is a special evening of music benefiting children and teens with Autism in the Greater Houston area! Liz Selig, founder of Music Knows No Boundaries, hosted the first event in April 2018 to celebrate the remarkable impact of music on those with Autism and to assist low income and middle class families with out of pocket expenses associated with Autism.

Proceeds from the evening, which included an auction, benefitted the Autism Society of Texas. The Autism Society of Texas will in turn issue grants to families impacted by Autism in the Greater Houston area. Liz felt the need to find a way to help families who are often overlooked by most organizations distributing grants because they exceed the poverty level thresholds, yet still encounter expenses beyond their means. 

Who Can Apply?

Families and legal guardians may apply for their loved one with an Autism diagnosis who is 17 or younger and resides in the Greater Houston and surrounding counties. Scholarship recipients must be 17 or younger at the closing date of the application process. Priority will be given to families who are middle class or low income. Counties include: Harris, Liberty, Chambers, Galveston, Brazoria, Fort Bend, Waller, Montgomery.

What Can Be Applied For? 

The Jack Stephens Scholarship Fund exists to help families and caregivers of Autistic children and youth by providing needed scholarships for items, services, and supports that promote skill development, education, safety, and the arts. The money must be used to support goals that will help to maximize a child’s potential, ensure their safety, and/or help them in their development.

The funds will be paid directly to the organization or business that provides the skill building, service, or sells the needed item/s.

Examples of expected payees are:

  • evidence-based therapy providers
  • technology items that improve skill building or communication
  • private education or tutoring services
  • social/behavioral skill development
  • performing and visual arts
  • enrichment and learning opportunities
  • swim safety instruction

Funding will not include:

  • direct care staff
  • products and goods that a person needs in daily living care (food, drink, personal care products, etc.)
  • personal fundraising
  • direct housing expenses
  • direct clothing expenses
  • service animals

We reserve the right to refuse requests that are outside of our priority areas.  All grants will be approved based on availability of funds. The Autism Society of Texas reserves the right to make changes to this application process.

How Are Grants Awarded? 

Each grant proposal is evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • clarity of application
  • alignment with priority areas
  • availability of funds
  • long term impact of service or item requested

You will be notified by email or telephone of the decision regarding your grant application within one month of application date closing. Before any award is made, the program you are seeking funds from must verify enrollment or participation. Grant recipients or the organization/business are required to submit a copy of receipts for purchase of services after the completion of the grant request. All unused funds must be returned at that time. Grant funding checks will be made payable ONLY to the business listed on the grant application.

How Do I Apply for the Jack Stephens Scholarship Fund?

When grant enrollment is open, fill out our short online grant application at the link below to get started. Make sure you answer all questions thoroughly, being as descriptive as possible. Grants with significant conceptual, legibility or clarity problems will not be considered. You may save your work and go back to make edits at any point but you must submit the application in order to complete the process.
Grant applications are due no later than 11:59AM on the due date posted. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Grant Timeline:

Application Period  May 19-June 19, 2023 (Closes 12 Noon)
Funds available up to:  $1000/individual
Funds will be available:  August 15, 2023

The grant committee reserves the right to adjust this amount as funds become available.


Questions? Email jacquie@texasautismsociety.org