Medicaid Coverage for ABA Begins 2/1/22!

After years of advocacy work by the Autism Society of Texas along with stakeholders, partners, and our many families around the state who testified, completed our action alerts, and contacted legislators, we are thrilled that families who rely on Medicaid for insurance coverage will finally have access to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy beginning 2/1/22! ABA Therapy is evidence-based and helps individuals with Autism learn critical skills that lead to improved independence and autonomy.

This benefit is open to children enrolled in Medicaid through age 20. (CHIP is not part of this program).  A recent Autism diagnosis is required (within the last three years) which must also include the Autism diagnostic level (one, two or three). The child must have a referral (like a prescription) for ABA therapy from a medical professional.

If an official Provider Directory is created, we will post it here when available. Below is a list we have compiled to help families find providers in their area.

Families should also check with their Medicaid plan to get a complete list of approved Medicaid/ABA providers since ABA providers are still undergoing approval.

Texas ABA Providers Accepting Medicaid
Compiled by Autism Society of Texas
Business Location Website Status
Absolute Behavior Advancement Houston Currently enrolling clients.
Autism Behavior Support Statewide locations Currently enrolling clients.
Baucom Behavioral Austin (in-person)/Parent Coaching (telehealth-statewide) Currently enrolling clients.
BlueSprig Statewide locations Currently enrolling clients.
Divergent Abilities Austin Currently enrolling clients.
elemy Statewide locations Currently enrolling clients.
Lighthouse Learning Center Panhandle/West Texas Counties Currently enrolling clients.
Mindcolor Autism Statewide locations Currently enrolling clients.
Paso Del Norte Children’s Development Center El Paso Currently enrolling clients.
Radiant Autism Center DFW Currently enrolling clients.
TeamPBS Statewide locations Currently enrolling clients.
The Outcomes Place Houston Currently enrolling clients.
True ABA Statewide locations Currently enrolling clients.
This list was compiled by the Autism Society of Texas. Additional providers will be added as we receive information. If you are a Medicaid ABA provider, and you would like to be included here, please complete the form. Need help? Contact

Are you an approved Medicaid ABA provider and would like to be included? Please fill out this form:

If you need additional guidance or support, or are experiencing issues accessing an ABA provider or with the new Medicaid benefit, please contact our Navigating Autism team at, or 512-479-4199, Ext 2- English, and Ext. 3-Spanish.


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