Recognize Good: Vote Dianne Doggett for Autism Society of Central Texas!


Many of you know that Dianne Doggett, one of our longtime volunteers who runs the Autism Treatment Forum Support Group, was honored with a Recognize Good Award in 2016!  She is now in a contest to win $10,000 for Autism Society of Central Texas!

How Does It Work?

Anyone in the world may say thanks to Dianne every day from January 5th through January 30th, once per day per voting method. That means one person maxing out their Thank You votes could cast as many as 156 votes singlehandedly for one Legend (6 votes per day for 26 days). That means dedication counts! Our way of balancing the scales between nonprofits large and small. The voting methods are:

1. CLICK – Dianne’s name at the “Vote Say Thanks, Austin” link on
2. TEXT – DOGGETT to (512) 456-9244
3. MESSAGE TO FACEBOOK– DOGGETT to our Facebook fan page at
4. TWEET – DOGGETT to @RecognizeGood with the hashtag #saythanksaustin
5. EMAIL – DOGGETT (in the subject line) to
6. WRITE IN – your name, then sign and date where indicated on Say Thanks forms. Download the form here: dianne-doggett-form